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supercat supermom


aren't all moms supermoms? the original renaissance (wo)men?

the kitties agree for sure. and they have made mom a homemade cape and mask, as she deserves it.

but... mom's favourite curtain has now been turned into a cape. let's hope the added super powers of the cape help offset the "you ruined my curtains" vibe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PRODUCT INFO ​ 3.5" x 5", printed on white card-stock blank inside envelope included the image is based on an original hand drawn illustration which has been scanned, colour corrected and printed on white card-stock. handmade in Toronto

RETURN & REFUND POLICY please let us know if you are not happy with your Evil Llama product. we accept returns or exchanges within 30 days of purchase on unused items.


supercat supermom
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